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THE WVU COED MURDERS  Who Killed Mared and Karen?

THE WVU COED MURDERS Who Killed Mared and Karen?

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Some said the killer couldn’t be a local. Others claimed he was the wealthy son of a prominent Morgantown family. Whispers spread that Mared and Karen were sacrificed by a satanic cult or the victims of a madman. Then the handwritten letters began to arrive: “You will locate the bodies of the girls covered over with brush—look carefully. The animals are now on the move.” Investigators didn’t find too few suspects—they had far too many. There was the campus janitor with a fur fetish, the “harmless” deliveryman who beat a woman nearly to death, the nursing home orderly with the bloody broomstick and the bouncer with the “girlish” laugh who threatened to cut off people’s heads. Local authors Geoffrey C. Fuller and S. James McLaughlin tell the complete story of the murders for the first time.
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