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Complete White Smile
Complete White Smile
Complete White Smile

Complete White Smile

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Complete White Smile
Teeth Whitening or oral health? How about both! With the Complete White Smile, your customers will get the best of both worlds. A whiter smile in just 7 days with proper maintenance that is also included!
Include: Night right Mini L.E.D. Light, vial of Whitening gel, Foam Bright, and StarBright Pen
How to use: Whiter, healthier teeth are just 3 easy steps away
1.) Whiten - Use the NightBright Mini L.E.D light to whiten your teeth 2-8 shades in just 7 days.
2.) Maintain - Replace your toothpaste with FoamBright brushing foam for a more complete clean
3.) Protect - Use the StarBright to maintain and protect your smile

NightBright - 30
FoamBright - 120
StarBright- 30

*No sensitivity when Whitening
*Better value than if products were bought individually
*everything needed for Whitening and oral health in one simple package

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