Queen Highlight: Shannon Conley

“In a world full of hate be a light”
The Hive team chose Shannon Conley to highlight this week because she has always shown such amazing customer loyalty, kindness, and has been encouraging during good AND hard times ❤
Shannon is 43 years young, a mother of 2 boys, has been married to the love of her life (Brian Conley) for 21 years, and is a local insurance agent 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
❓ Q & A ❓
To get to know more about Shannon we asked her the following interview questions;
1️⃣ What inspires you?
A: “I’m inspired by any woman that can overcome a raw deal in life. Those that have to start at rock bottom and pull themselves out of it on their own. Those that don’t let their situation stop them from being a good person.”
2️⃣ What is a struggle in life you have faced and overcame?
A: “I have overcome comforting myself with food. Which is still sometimes a struggle but I can handle it much better now. Also, I’ve overcome having an addict father that put me and my family through some very hard times. I finally learned to let him go”
3️⃣How would someone you are close with describe you?
A: Shannon’s sister states, “You are a phenomenal mother! You’re extremely loyal and would do anything for the people you love. You are real. No one has to wonder where they stand with you or question your motives because you are wholeheartedly yourself, no BS. You are a great cook, devoted wife and you don’t walk away from challenges or problems, you see it through and stick out good and bad 💪🔥
Shannon, we are so glad we get to serve you at The Hive. You are more than just a customer to us, you are our friend. We appreciate your kindness, loyalty and encouraging attitude more than you know ❤
Your value is priceless. Your potential is limitless. YOU ARE A QUEEN 👑🐝
As this week's QUEEN, Shannon will be highlighted on Queens Talk: Live @ The Hive . "Bee" sure to catch that episode AND hit the share button below to continue sharing the love ❤👑🔥

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