Queen Highlight: Laura Bautista

Laura Bautista
“In a world full of hate be a light”
The Hive team chose Laura to highlight this week because she is always uplifting and encouraging <3

❓ Q & A ❓
To get to know more about Laura we asked her the following interview questions;

1️⃣ What inspires you?
A: “For me it's God and my faith and knowing that no matter how hard the devil comes at me I will always have the strongest king on my side.. and also seeing strength in other people really inspires me to keep my head up and push forward.”

2️⃣ What is a struggle in life you have faced and overcame?
A: “I had my daughter at the age of 20 it was a very difficult pregnancy at the time I thought that was normal... I had her through C-section at 42 weeks because she was breach. I was over the moon however I didn't realize the darkness that was yet to come over a 12 year span I lost roughly 12 pregnancies but in the end I stopped counting... I suffer from 2 rare conditions one being uterus didelphys ... which is actually a split double anatomy of your reproductive organs so you have extra organs that your body has to bring blood supply to which therefore takes away from the baby. Bringing your chance of having a viable pregnancy to about 40%..
I also have a rare blood type which is not an actual condition but does cause problems in pregnancy because the mother's blood and the baby's blood are not compatible. Therefore my body aggressively rejecting the pregnancy. Causing severe hemorrhaging and pain. This happened first when I was pregnant with my daughter who has a positive blood type.. I'm very blessed to have her and I find myself being very overprotective of her because of all the things that I went through. But I have such a dark cloud over pregnancy and not just my pregnancy it could be anyone's I've completely shut down that part of life. As a defense mechanism for loss. I have to say going through all of this has brought a lot of resentment on my part.”

3️⃣How would someone you are close with describe you?
A: “no matter how much she goes through she still sees positive in things"
"Such a good mother"
"A loyal friend "
Thank you so much for sharing your infant loss story for this article. I know that is not easy for you. You are such an amazing and strong woman ❤

Laura along with four other strong and beautiful women shared their infant loss story on last week’s Queens Talk: Live @ The Hive - Follow the link to watch ❤ https://youtube.com/watch?v=Cg8m7dCUOTQ&feature=share

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