Queen Highlight: Jennifer Kirk

Jennifer Kirk
“In a world full of hate be a light”
"I’m Jennifer Kirk. I’m 25. I’m an English teacher at Oak Hill High. Native to Fayetteville & a proud Appalachian woman. I love all things fashion & horror. I spend my free time baking, reading books, and taking part in shenanigans with my friends."

The Hive team chose Jennifer Kirk to highlight this week because she is always uplifting and encouraging during every visit to The Hive.
In addition to being a loyal Hive customer, Jennifer has been one of Kayla Dilley 's closest friends for 10+ years. Even from hundreds of miles away at different schools she was always a loyal and consistent friend. Kayla says she wouldn’t trade her friendship for anything in this world ❤🌎

❓ Q & A ❓

To get to know more about Jennifer we asked her the following interview questions;

1️⃣ What inspires you?
A: “So many things inspire me, but my mom is my ultimate inspiration. She’s smart, fashionable, hardworking, and selfless. She sacrificed everything for our family.”

2️⃣ What is a struggle in life you have faced and overcame?
A: “I guess my struggles are similar to those in our area. Never enough money, lack of resources, negative stereotypes. I’ve just learned to take pride in my Appalachian identity. I love being from West Virginia. It’s my biggest honor.”

3️⃣How would someone you are close with describe you?
A: “Two of my besties (Andrew & Trav) answered and said, “you have an incredible sense of humor, you are the kindest person I know, and you are a great teacher.”
A: My best friend Emily states, you always make everyone around you feel comfortable and welcomed. You would do anything for the people you love. You have a charismatic personality and can make conversation with anyone.”

4️⃣ What is something funny that has happened to you recently?
“My life is funny every single day. I honestly have a hard time picking just one moment. I guess I would have to say being humbled by my fifteen year old students daily.”
Jennifer, we are so glad we get to serve you at The Hive. You are more than just a customer to us, you are our friend. We appreciate your kindness, loyalty and encouraging attitude more than you know ❤

Your value is priceless. Your potential is limitless. YOU ARE A QUEEN 👑🐝🔥

As this week's QUEEN, Jennifer will be highlighted on Queens Talk: Live @ The Hive TODAY at 6pm. "Bee" sure to catch that episode AND hit the share button below to continue sharing the love ❤👑🔥

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