Queen Highlight: Crystal Benger

Crystal Benger
“In a world full of hate be a light”
The Hive team chose Crystal Benger to highlight this week because she is always uplifting and encouraging during every visit to The Hive.

Crystal is a strong, independent, and hard-working woman who strives daily to spread kindness and love. Throughout life she has experienced unkindness. Crystal wants to be a light in all the darkness. How amazing!

❓ Q & A ❓

To get to know more about Crystal we asked her the following interview questions;

1️⃣ What inspires you?
A: “Jesus and His Grace”

2️⃣ What is a struggle in life you have faced and overcame?
A: “I’ve overcame a life of addiction through the Grace of God I have 7 ½ years clean and sober”

3️⃣How would someone you are close with describe you?
A: Theresa Jordon, Crystal’s friend states, “You are always smiling and cheerful even when your day has been crazy. You are compassionate to others and believe everyone deserves a chance. You have great work ethic.”

4️⃣ What is something funny that has happened to you recently?
“Last Tuesday I went into work at 11am & was just doing my job & one of my girls came up to me after about 30 minutes & said “what are you doing” I respond “working girl” she said “well you weren’t supposed to be here till 12” now mind you I’m the manager & I make all the schedules. 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol”
Crystal, we are so glad we get to serve you at The Hive. You are more than just a customer to us, you are our friend. We appreciate your kindness, loyalty and encouraging attitude more than you know ❤

Your value is priceless. Your potential is limitless. YOU ARE A QUEEN 👑🐝

As this week's QUEEN, Crystal will be highlighted on Queens Talk: Live @ The Hive "Bee" sure to catch that episode AND hit the share button below to continue sharing the love ❤👑

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